For Such a Time as This: Conversing with Your Community and Culture About Christ

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I am excited to let you know that Pastor Stephen Roberts will be teaching an 8-part Sunday School series starting January 6th. Here is what Stephen has to say…

Our culture is changing… quickly. The greatest difficulty for us as Christians is not that the culture is changing, but that we don't understand how it's changing. We often talk past our non-Christian friends and answer questions that none of them are asking. We are now cross-cultural missionaries to our culture and communities, which means we need to learn how they think, how they speak, and how we can most faithfully engage them. This series will explore what's happening in our culture, where we can engage our culture, and how we can do so faithfully.

Pastor Roberts serves as a Chaplain at JBLM and is exceptionally gifted in identifying the issues and concerns of our age and engaging them in a loving and caring way with the hope of the gospel. I hope that you will take the opportunity to be a part of this class.

Brett McNeill

Brett McNeill has been our pastor since we began in 2004. He and Jen have been married since 1998 and have four wonderful daughters. Brett is a graduate of Westminster Seminary in California (Masters in Divinity, 2003). His desire is to clearly proclaim Jesus Christ from all of Scripture in a way that is clear, convicting and encouraging.