Wisdom and Folly (Ecclesiastes 9:13 - 10:20)

Wisdom and Folly

Ecclesiastes 9:13 - 10:20

Wisdom is a thankless and arduous pursuit, but its end is life.

I. Folly (10:1-13)

A. Folly Destroys (10:1-13)

B. Adam’s Folly (cf. 10:15-19)

II. Wisdom (9:13-18)

A. Wisdom Gives Life (not Fame) (9:13-15)

B. Wisdom’s Power (9:16-18)

C. Christ’s Wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:18-31)

III. Walking the Way of Wisdom (10:2, 14-20)

A. Two Ways (10:2)

B. Everything in its Right Time (10:15-19)

C. Not Given to Many Words (10:14, 20)

D. A Feast at its Proper Time

Discussion Starters

1. Monday—What does folly do? How much folly is needed to destroy something good?

2. Tuesday—How is Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden a perfect example of what folly does? What were the consequences of Adam’s folly?

3. Wednesday—What does wisdom produce? What doesn’t it provide?

4. Thursday—What are a couple examples of what wisdom looks like in life? Which is hardest for you?

5. Friday—How is Jesus the embodiment of wisdom? What do you gain through the wisdom of Jesus?