Smyrna and Philadelphia: Keeping Faith (Revelation 2:8-11; 3:7-13)

Keep faith in the midst of your suffering and weakness.

I.       Keeping Faith is Learning to See (2:9; 3:8)
         A.     Poor Yet Rich (2:9)
         B.     Weak Yet Strong (3:8)

II.     Keeping Faith is Costly (2:9-11; 3:11)
         A.     Under Pressure (2:9-10a; 3:11)
         B.     Unto Death (2:10b)

III.    Keeping Faith is Worth it  (2:10b-11; 3:9-13)
         A.     An Open Door (3:8-9)
         B.     Solid Identity (3:12-13
         C.     Crown of Life (2:10-11; 3:11)

IV.    Keeping Faith is About Jesus (2:8; 3:7)
         A.     Keeping Faith in Jesus (2:8; 3:7)
         B.     Jesus Keeps Faith
         C.     Keeping Faith at the Table