Making Disciples (Matthew 22:34-40; 28:18-20)

The church has been called to make disciples—those who are conformed to the image of Christ in knowledge, righteousness and holiness, exercising dominion over sin.

I.       When All Else Fails (Go Back to the Beginning)
         A.      Cosmic Fullness (Adam’s Goal in Creation) (Genesis 1:26-28)
         B.      Image Bearing (Adam’s Job in Creation) (Colossians 3:10; Ephesians 4:24; Genesis 1:26)
         C.      Heavenly Glory (Adam’s Would-be Reward in Creation) (1 Corinthians 15:44-53)

II.      Identifying a Disciple
         A.      The Great Commandment (Matthew 22:34-40)
         B.      The Finished Disciple (v. 20; Luke 6:40)

III.     Making Disciples (Not Just Converts)
         A.      Disciples or Converts?
         B.      The Tools of Discipleship
         C.      A Disciple is not Above His Master