Getting the Gospel Right (1 Peter 3:13-22)

The gospel is the good news that, though we are sinners who deserve hell, Jesus Christ has lived a perfect life and suffered the curse we deserve so that all who put their trust fully in him will be saved.

I.       Man’s Need (v. 18)
         A.     Unrighteous (Not by Design)
         B.     Sin and Its Consequences

II.     Jesus’s Provision (v. 18)
         A.     A Perfect Life (v. 18)
         B.     A Perfect Death (v. 18)
         C.     Redemption (v. 18)

III.    Making It Yours
         A.     Received by Faith Alone (Acts 16:31)
         B.     The Gospel Made Visible (vv. 19-20)
         C.     What Happens if We get it Wrong?
         D.     The Gospel Made Visible (Again)