The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good (Psalm 53; Romans 3:9-26)

The bad news is that man’s moral condition is universally ugly, but the good news is that God has sent help from heaven in Jesus Christ to grant us salvation.

I.    THE UGLY (REALITY) (VV. 1-3)
    A.    The Popular View of Humanity
    B.    God’s View of Man (vv. 1-3)
    C.    To Err is Human… or Is It?

II.    THE BAD (NEWS) (VV. 4-5; ROMANS 3:9-20)
    A.    We Are in Need (of Salvation) (vv. 4-5; Romans 3:9-20)
    B.    We Cannot Save Ourselves (or Each Other)

III.    THE GOOD (NEWS) (V. 6)
    A.    The Prayer (v. 6; cf. Romans 3:21-26)
    B.    The Invitation (to Joy)
    C.    Help has Come (and is Coming Again!)