The Seventh Trumpet (Revelation 11:15-19; Psalm 1-2)

The Seventh Trumpet
Revelation 11:15-19
Psalms 1-2

On the Last Day Jesus is will right all wrongs and openly welcome those who place their trust in him into heaven.

I.    The World is Not as it Should Be
    A.    The Imagery of the Temple (v. 19)
    B.    The Image of Our Reality
    C.    Stuck Between Two Days (Psalms 1 and 2)

II.    All Things Will Be Set Right on the Last Day
    A.    The Seventh Trumpet—the Last Day (vv. 15-18; Psalm 2:4-12)
    B.    Wait, Aren’t We Only Half Way through the Book?

III.    The Trials of the Present Life are to Prepare You for that Day
    A.    Seals, Trumpets, and Letters
    B.    The Promise of Scripture (vv. 15-19)
    C.    The Great Divide
    D.    The Original Sufferer

Discussion Starters

1.    Monday—Do you ever wonder why sin is so enticing? Do you ever struggle with you own draw to that which is wrong and harmful? Why do you think sin is so alluring?
2.    Tuesday—How is the temple with God at the center behind a thick curtain a fitting picture of our reality? Why is Revelation 11:19 such a glorious image?
3.    Wednesday—Is God worried when he sees the rulers of this world rage against him (Psalm 2)? Why or why not? How does this help you when you are treated unjustly?
4.    Thursday—Are you ever tempted to think the Lord is angry with you when life in this world is hard? How does scripture call you to interpret pains of this life?
5.    Friday—What does it mean to view the Last Day as a friend? When you think of the Last Day is it a comfort or a terror? Why?