Drinking Seawater (Ecclesiastes 5:8 - 6:12)

Drinking Seawater

Ecclesiastes 5:8 - 6:12

God alone can quench our thirst for meaning and significance in life.

I. Looking for Peace in all the Wrong Places (5:8-17; 6:-17)

A. False Gods and Their Promises (5:8-11; cf. Matthew 6:24)

B. You Can’t Take it with You (5:13-17)

C. What Money Can’t Buy (6:1-7)

II. Sweet Surrender (5:12, 18-20; 6:8-12)

A. Humanity’s Struggle (6:10-12)

B. The Important Question (5:12; 6:8-9)

C. Surrender to a Ticking Clock (5:18-20)

III. The One with the Answers (6:12)

A. The Even More Important Question (v. 12)

B. The One Who Died (and Lived to Tell) (Revelation 1:18; John 4:10-15; 19:28)

C. Today’s Bread (John 6:32-35)

Discussion Starters

1. Monday—What’s the problem with drinking seawater? In what way is trying to find fulfillment in anything but God like drinking seawater?

2. Tuesday—Why does the Bible say that money is a master or, even, a false god? How much money is enough?

3. Wednesday—What are some of the problems with placing your hope in earthly riches?

4. Thursday—What is Ecclesiastes’ solution for the shortness of life? How does making peace with life’s brevity help you?

5. Friday—What did Jesus mean when he said “I thirst” while on the cross? What did he accomplish through his thirsting?