Discipling the ❤️ (James 1:27)

Discipling the ❤️
James 1:27

God is renewing your heart so that you sacrificially serve others above yourself.

I.    Locating the Heart
    A.    The ❤️
    B.    Purity and/or Corruption (Ezekiel 36:25-26; cf. Jeremiah 17:9; Psalm 73:1; Matthew 5:8)
    C.    Loving with All Your Heart (Deuteronomy 6:5; James 1:27 cf. Matthew 22:37)

II.    Who’s Responsible for Sacrificial Care?
    A.    Prophet, Priest, or King? (Deuteronomy 26)
    B.    Servants in God’s House
    C.    Careful, it’s Contagious

III.    Pitfalls to Avoid
    A.    The Social Gospel
    B.    Writing Checks is not Enough