Knowing God’s Peace (Psalm 67)

Knowing God’s Peace

Psalm 67

One of the greatest tools of evangelism is having total peace in the God of blessing.

I. The Goal of Knowing God’s Peace

A. The God of Blessing (v. 1; cf. Numbers 6:24)

B. The Blessings of God (vv. 1-2; cf. Numbers 6:25-26)

C. The Witness of a Blessed Life (vv. 2-7)

II. The Obstacles (and Remedy) to Knowing God’s Peace

A. Wanting the Wrong Things

B. Our Sin and a Just God (v. 4)

C. Seeing God’s Face in the Flesh (John 1:18; 2 Corinthians 4:6)

III. Where We Learn God’s Peace

A. The Blessing of the Liturgy

B. A Sign of Peace

Discussion Starters

1. Monday—Which would you rather have? Every desire met or contentment in peace in any and all situations? Why?

2. Tuesday—Is it easy or hard for you to think of God as someone who delights in blessing his people? Why? Why do you think people struggle to believe this?

3. Wednesday—What kind of blessings does God give? Why are we tempted to desire different blessings?

4. Thursday—What are some of the obstacles you face to experiencing God’s peace? How does God help you overcome these obstacles?

5. Friday—Why is knowing God’s peace so helpful in evangelism? Why is it unattractive when Christians don’t take worship seriously?