THE AFFLICTED (EXODUS 3:1-12; MARK 15:21-32)


EXODUS 3:1-12

MARK 15:21-32

The LORD will never abandon you in your afflictions.

I. AWE (3:1-3)

A. Keeping the Flock (3:1; cf. 1 Samuel 16:1-13)

B. The Burning Bush (3:2, 4; cf. Deuteronomy 4:24, Isaiah 33:14)

C. I Will Turn Aside (3:3)


A. God Called Out of the Bush (3:4; cf. Genesis 22:11-22)

B. God of the Living (3:5-6; cf. Luke 20:37-38)

III. ABASED (3:7-12)

A. I Know Your Sufferings (3:7, 9; cf. Genesis 4:1)

B. I Have Come Down (3:8, 10-12)

C. The Advent (John 1:14, Mark 15:21-32)

D. Turning Aside to the Table


1. Monday—Do you ever question God's goodness when you feel abandoned and alone? What's the significance of Moses being a shepherd? How did that make him a meek man? Discuss what sorts of things God is doing in your life that makes you more meek?

2. Tuesday—What does Moses do when he sees the burning bush? What does the burning bush represent? Discuss what it means for Moses to “turn aside” and how that might speak to how we should approach God.

3. Wednesday—Why do we need wonder to see God rightly? What do you think the church would look like if we had a better sense of wonder among us?

4. Thursday—What does “I have surely seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry...I know their sufferings.” (v. 7) mean? Is the LORD a distant observer of Israel’s affliction only? How can that speak to your own pain and affliction?

5. Friday—How does Moses respond to God’s difficult task of calling his people out of Egypt? How does the LORD respond to Moses? What does “advent” mean? When does Jesus refuse to come down for us? And how is that good news?