Victim or Villain? (Ecclesiastes 9:1-12)

Victim or Villain?

Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

In this life, we struggle between seeing ourselves as victims and villains—neither of which is helpful for living a life that glorifies God.

I. To Be or not to Be? (vv. 3, 4-6, 11)

A. The Battle—Solomon v. Paul (vv. 4-6; Philippians 1:21-23)

B. The Limits of Solomon’s Comparison (vv. 3, 11)

II. Life Under the Sun (vv. 1-3, 7-12)

A. What God Allows (vv. 1-3, 11-12)

B. What God does not Require (vv. 7, 10)

C. What God does Require (vv. 7-9)

III. When a Dead Lion is Better (v. 4; Revelation 5:5-6; 7:13-14)

A. Where Our Logic Leads (v. 4; Revelation 5:5-6; 7:13-14)

B. Seeing Our Lives (in this World) through His (v. 1; Romans 8:16-17)

C. Feasting Upon the Lion (v. 7; John 6:53)

Discussion Starters

1. Monday—How do we see ourselves as victims when bad things happen to people who strive to live well? How do we tend think the world should operate?

2. Tuesday—Have you ever felt like you were letting God down—like he expects more from you and you never do it all? Do you struggle to believe that God approves of what you have done?

3. Wednesday—What does it mean that God wants you to keep your garments white? What is more important—holiness or accomplishments?

4. Thursday—What is the danger of forgetting to slow down and enjoy God’s blessings? What are the blessing you could a better job enjoying?

5. Friday—Why do you think God allows those who follow him to suffer like those who don’t? Why doesn’t he choose for the world to be like we think it should be?