Waiting (Psalm 69)



The steadfast love of your heavenly Father gives you confidence that pain will not have the final word.

I. The Certainty of Suffering (vv. 1-15)

A. Like Death and Taxes (vv. 4-5, 19-21)

B. Friendship with God (vv. 6-12)

C. A Prayer for Rescue (vv. 1-3, 13-15)

D. A Prayer for Justice (vv. 4-8, 22-29)

II. The Certainty of Glory (vv. 13–36)

A. The Confidence of Restoration (vv. 14-15, 34-36)

B. Based in Love (and Justice) (vv. 13, 16-18, 22-29)

C. Based in the Work of Jesus (vv. 4, 19-21)

III. The Pain of Waiting (vv. 3, 9-12, 30-33)

A. Where We Struggle (vv. 3, 13)

B. Zeal for Our Father’s House (vv. 9-12, 30-33)

C. A Table in the Presence of Enemies (vv. 22-29)

Discussion Starters

1. Monday—Have you ever had a hard time where time seemed to just slow down and drag on? How did you feel during that time?

2. Tuesday—Why is it impossible to be friends with God and the world? Why does the world treat God’s people with contempt?

3. Wednesday—Is God’s justice a good thing or a bad thing? How can it be scary? How can it be a comfort?

4. Thursday—Why is God’s love meant to be a comfort for his people? How does his love shape your understanding of the future?

5. Friday—Why is waiting so hard? What can help you while you wait to find comfort and hope as you face the pains of this life?