God Wants it All - (Psalm 78)

Psalm 78

God demands your life, your mind, and your heart.

I. God Wants it All

A. God Wants Your Life (vv. 9-10, 56-66)

B. God Wants Your Mind (vv. 11-33, 40-55)

C. God Wants Your Heart (vv. 34-37)

II. God Offers Mercy to Sinners

A. Mercy for the Worst of Sinners (vv. 23-28; 38-39; cf. 1 Timothy 1:15-16)

B. Mercy Came in the form of a Man (vv. 38, 65-72)

C. Tell Your Children About God’s Mercy (vv. 1-8)

D. Eating the Bread of Angels (v. 25; cf. John 6:31-40)

Discussion Starters

1. Monday—What is a parable? What does it mean that Psalm 78 is a parable? What is the goal of a parable?

2. Tuesday—Is obedience optional in the Christian life? Why or why not? What does an unwillingness to obey God reveal about a person?

3. Wednesday—Does truth matter? Why or why not? Can you obey God or love him if you don’t get to know him?

4. Thursday—What is the danger of knowledge of God without love for God? Is that true faith?

5. Friday—What does it mean that “mercy came in the form of a man”? Why is it important to remember that God does not expect you to fix everything on your own?