How the Church Bears Witness (Revelation 14:1-13)

How the Church Bears Witness
Revelation 14:1-13

The church responds to the attacks of the world by calling that very world to salvation in Jesus Christ.

I.    The Mission of the 144,00 (vv. 1-6)
    A.    Sealed with the Spirit (vv. 1-5)
    B.    Seeking the Lost (v. 6)

II.    The Message of the 144,00 (vv. 6-11)
    A.    Fear God (vv. 6-7)
    B.    Fallen is Babylon (v. 8)
    C.    Followers of the Dragon will be Judged (vv. 9-11)

III.    The Method of the 144,00 (vv. 1-13)
    A.    Praise (vv. 1-5)
    B.    Preaching (vv. 6-11; cf. Romans 10:14-17)
    C.    Piety (v. 12)
    D.    Passion (Suffering) (v. 13)

Discussion Starters

1.    Monday—Have you ever thought that way the church gathers to worship and hear preaching must look strange to the world? Does this mean we should give it up?
2.    Tuesday—What does it mean that God’s name is written on your forehead? Does this mean it is visible? What does it mean to belong to God?
3.    Wednesday—How does the church respond to the antagonism of the world? With antagonism? What should you seek for those who treat you poorly?
4.    Thursday—Why is it essential for evangelism that you value eternal things more than what is comfortable or entertaining? How does your weekly worship demonstrate this?
5.    Friday—Why is personal obedience so important in our witness to the world? Do you take personal obedience seriously enough?