I AM Coming (Revelation 22:6-21 Daniel 12:4, 9-10)

I AM Coming

Revelation 22:6-21

Daniel 12:4, 9-10

Jesus is coming back and it matters and should affect how you live each and every day.

I. The Witness and Warning of John (vv. 6-8, 18-21)

A. The Trustworthy Message—“Jesus is Coming” (vv. 6-7, 18-20)

B. The Danger of Mistaking the Messenger for the Message (v. 8)

II. The Witness of Jesus Christ (vv. 12-16)

A. I AM the Source and Goal (v. 13)

B. I AM Coming to Judge (vv. 12, 16)

C. Be Washed (vv. 14-15)

III. The Witness of the Angel, the Spirit, and the Bride (vv. 9-11, 17)

A. Do Not Seal Up (v. 10-11)

B. Worship God (v. 9)

C. Come and Drink without Cost (v. 17)

D. Sealed Testimony (v. 14)

Discussion Starters

1. Monday—How does time have the tendency to remove a sense of urgency? What is the danger in thinking that because Jesus has not returned yet, that it is probably still a long way off?

2. Tuesday—Why do you think the promise that Jesus is coming soon is repeated three times in this passage (vv. 7, 12, 20)?

3. Wednesday—What does it mean that Jesus is coming “soon”? Does anything else need to happen that God has promised before Jesus returns? How should that reality affect us day to day?

4. Thursday—What does it mean that the waters of life are free and without cost? Why do you think we are tempted to think that we must give God something in return for salvation?

5. Friday—Why do you think John is careful to point out that the Bride joins in calling people to come and drink of the waters of salvation (v. 17)? What do you think keeps us from inviting people to taste of God’s grace?